Getting Rid of the Junk Email

I work in a very small office. There are only four of us total, and only three of us are in the office at any given time. Because we are so small, all of us know how to do everyone else’s job, just in case one of us would fall ill or have an emergency absence. When one of the other women had to be out for a few weeks, I was responsible for our main email account. I never realized how much junk we received, and I wondered if I was able to report a spam email when one kept sending all kinds of junk to us.

Normally, I would just set up a filter to get the email out of the inbox, but some of these emails were really offensive. I felt that if we were getting them unsolicited, then it was possible that households that have children looking at the email could be getting them too. I did report them to our Internet service provider, then I decided to go online and find a better way to find out which email addresses that were sending us mail are actually spam.

I did not want to set up a filter in case I accidentally filtered out an email that should not have been. I figured it would be better to know beforehand if an email address is associated with a spam account or not. I was able to find a site that did exactly that, and it was easy for us to tell which accounts were genuine and which were just trying to spam us with more junk. When the woman who normally takes care of our email account came back and saw how much nicer it all was, she decided that I should be the one handling the email account from that point forward, which I did not mind at all.

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